Welcome to the Xenios Configurator

With this configurator, we are pleased to introduce a new tool which optimizes the process of creating new customized tubing sets. To achieve this the tool was designed to make the selection choices with respect to component variety, tube structure and component compatibility more transparent and actively assist you during the creation process.

After finishing the configuration you have the possibility of sending your ideal set-up straight to Xenios AG for evaluation.

Please keep in mind that Xenios AG cannot guarantee the approval and production of your ideal tubing set until our employees have properly evaluated your selection. The set might need some corrections to meet the national/local regulation requirements.

To get started select the general type of set that is needed below. You will then be guided through the configuration process step-by-step.

If you have any questions concerning the configurator, please contact Xenios at: configurator@xenios-ag.com.

Tubing pack for heart-lung-machine

Tubing pack for ECMO therapy

Tubing pack for hemofiltration

Tubing pack for blood cardioplegia application

Tubing set for crystalloid cardioplegia application

Use this category to configure additional tubes that are not covered by the other sets